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The coming crash of American diplomacy in the Middle East

Posted by seumasach on February 18, 2014

This neo-con view of Obama’s Middle East policy is in marked contrast to that of the left. The left see nothing but growing US belligerence, a new cold war, retreat by Iran, renewed possibility of an attack on Syria and an intractable Israel. Bolton’s view is actually more realistic pointing to the ebbing of US global power and the consequent concessions to one-time enemies. Bolton, of course, hopes that US diplomacy will fail, as do so many vested, lobby interests in the vague hope of returning to the Anglo-American global hegemony agenda. He darkly evokes “another 9/11, another disaster” which “will produce the necessary awakening.”

John Bolton


18th February, 2014

President Obama has three significant Middle East diplomatic initiatives underway, treating, respectively, Iran’s nuclear weapons program; Syria’s deadly, exhausting conflict; and the long-standing Israeli-Palestinian dispute. Into these negotiations, Obama and his administration have poured enormous amounts of American prestige, time and effort.

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