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Syrian govt, opposition agree to Geneva peace talks

Posted by seumasach on November 27, 2013

This will be a disappointment to the British “anti-war” left who have seen fit to shun all contacts with Assad and anyone suspected of supporting him i.e. most of the Syrian population. However, Obama’s retreat from empire is gaining unstoppable momentum. After reaching a deal on Syria he will move onto the thorny question of an Israel-Palestine settlement. The left’s hopes in a new front against China are also likely to be disappointed as Obama is merely involved in a sort of rough-wooing: invest in America or we’ll bomb the hell out of you! The Chinese, however, are already only to eager to invest in America. Obama is also keen to trumpet the charge as he retreats on all fronts.

Jason Ditz

25th November, 2013

Geneva II, the peace talks scheduled for June and repeatedly delayed, finally have a date, and both the Assad government and opposition Syrian National Council (SNC) have agreed to take part on January 22.

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