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Soon, no more obstacles to the new Sykes-Picot

Posted by seumasach on July 24, 2013

[I disagree with Thierry Meyssan only in his characterisation of this process as “a new Sykes-Picot agreement”. As Meyssan himself says Anglo-American imperialism is finished. Consequently, multipolarity triumphs and in particular Russian diplomacy. The US has entered into a de facto strategic partnership with Russia but this is a benign end of empire scenario rather than a new imperialist division of the world. We should not underestimate the potential within this process; the inauguration of a new post-imperial epoque of global peace.]

Thierry Meyssan


22nd July, 2013

You’ve probably noticed the change in tone of the atlanticist press on the Syrian issue. The “rebels”, these “champions of Freedom”, have suddenly turned into fanatical terrorists who tear each other apart. For Thierry Meyssan, there is nothing new under the sun: Washington has simply abandoned the idea of ​​overthrowing Assad and is heading to the Geneva II conference. Next step: the loss of French influence in the region.

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