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Between nationalist populism and European technocracy

Posted by seumasach on July 7, 2013

European political crisis: Between nationalist populism and European technocracy, it’s going to be time to ask people their opinion

LEAP 2020

15th March, 2013

Whereas since the upheaval in 2008, the world somehow deals with the ceaseless aftershocks (US political deadlock or dramatic presentations on the debt ceiling and deficit reduction, bank or country rescues, European sovereign debt, currency wars, geopolitical tensions,…), Europe is entering a new phase of the crisis, this time political. Until now Brussels technocrats have been steering Europe in the crisis who succeeded in overcoming Member States’ divergences to save the structure. In the situation’s urgency, regularly recalled by “the markets” which cause a reign of terror in the West, the management of the crisis hasn’t worked too badly and people have accepted the sacrifices until now without making too many waves. Thus Greece has reeled but not exploded, public demonstrations in Spain have been moderate, naming Mario Monti at the end of 2011 to run Italy didn’t set the country ablaze.

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