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White House plan to arm Syrian rebels raises fears of terrorist links

Posted by seumasach on June 14, 2013

Obama’s decision to provide non-specific armed support for the “rebels” may stem from this:

“The Syrian opposition will not agree to take part in the proposed peace conference unless its forces get new weapons, a top opposition military commander told New York Times on Saturday’

Obama needs at least a token “rebel” presence at the peace conference and it would be difficult for them to attend without a bit more enthusiasm for their cause from Obama. At the same time as this response from Fox News shows the cat is out of the bag regarding the truth about the “rebels” and the propaganda war is being lost disastrously. Hence, Obama’s need to “discover’ that Assad has been using WMDs, which everyone knows is complete rubbish, to justify his decision. The support itself is, as Debka has pointed out too, little , too late to make a difference. The “rebels” will  defeated at which point the conference will be convened. The only realistic alternative is a full-scale US intervention which has been repeatedly ruled out by Obama and would be complete madness

Fox News

14th June, 2013

As the White House appeared poised to send military aid to Syrian rebels, new concerns arose that the weapons will inevitably fall into the hands of terrorist groups who count themselves among hundreds of factions that form the rag-tag Free Syrian Army.

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