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Syria: the ugly choice ahead

Posted by seumasach on May 11, 2013

Given the leading role that the Guardian played in the anti-Assad campaign this article is of enormous significance and it lays down the outlines of a new policy which brings London into line with Washington. At the heart of this policy shift is the recognition that Assad stepping down is no longer a pre-condition for talks.On the other hand, the need to starve the “rebels” of support is a pre-condition for talks. Not that the “rebels” are going to participate in those talks. They will be entirely correct to see themselves as having been sold-out by their Western backers. They are to left to their fate: after all, they may be OK for fighting a dirty war but one wouldn’t expect the likes of the Al-Nusra front to turn up at an international peace conference. Naturally, there will be a token presence of the one-time Western backed Coalition but the real opposition inside Syria opposed the armed struggle from the start and it is they who will enter negotiations with Assad. Yes, climbing down is “ugly” but realism dictates and with the co-operation of all concerned the skeletons of a failed attempt to repeat the Libyan scenario can be hidden deep in obscure cupboards.


10th May, 2013

This week the civil war in Syria revealed its full potential for destabilising the Middle East as a whole. After the Israeli air strikes, Hezbollahacknowledged its forces were fighting alongside those of Syria’s president Bashar al-Assad and suggested Syria would respond by fully arming Hezbollah fighters.

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