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Cameron backs down over Syria

Posted by seumasach on May 11, 2013

We’ve now seen the Syrian national army enjoying some significant success in the last few weeks in taking back rebel-held areas of the country. I think this has produced panic, actually, in Washington, London and Paris, which is why David Cameron has been so keen to fly to Russia to meet with Vladimir Putin.”

Well, at least panic in London and Paris, to say nothing of Doha and Riyadh.Yes, this is prudent of Cameron to jump onboard the peace process already initiated by Obama and Putin- better late than never. For appearances he continues to stress “that there was “no secret” that the two sides still had “differing views on how best to handle this situation.”” However, the “Assad must go” mantra which we have heard ad infititum over the last two years is being dropped and governance in Syria is being seen as the prerogative of the Syrian people rather than Washington, Paris and London. It’s good to see the West embracing democracy for a change- Hilary must be turning in her political grave.

Russia, UK both interested in ending Syrian violence – Putin


19th May, 2013

Despite having a different approach to Syria, Russia and UK share an interest in preserving the country’s territorial integrity and sovereignty, Vladimir Putin said after talks with British Prime Minister David Cameron in Sochi.

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