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APNewsBreak: Report casts doubt on US missile shield in Europe protecting America

Posted by seumasach on February 16, 2013

A new missile defense system aimed at Russia could undermine the balance between the nuclear powers, leading Moscow to add to its arsenal and build up its own defenses. It would undermine prospects for further cuts in nuclear weapons, which are a priority for President Barack Obama, and could hurt U.S.-Russian cooperation on other issues of international importance.

Yes, Obama has the key to unlock the long-awaited peace dividend. In return for dismantling missile defence Obama can hope for much needed Russian and Chinese assistance in the rebuilding of America

Washington Post

9th February, 2013

WASHINGTON — Secret Defense Department studies cast doubt on whether a multibillion-dollar missile defense system planned for Europe can ever protect the U.S. from Iranian missiles as intended, congressional investigators say.

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