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Lavrov restates Russian position

Posted by seumasach on January 30, 2013

Lavrov: Russia’s Priority Is Achieving Comprehensive Solution in Syria Not Regime Change


30th January, 2013

MOSCOW, (SANA) – Russia’s Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, said that that the Geneva statement, issued by the international action group on Syria on June 30th last year, needs no clarification or interpretation as it simply provides for halting violence by all sides and nominating the negotiators to form the structure of the temporary leading body and specify its tasks.

In an article published by the Diplomatic Group Annual Bulletin for 2012, Lavrov added that we are very determined to go ahead with solving the crisis in Syria through Geneva statement and the rest is related to our partners.

He expressed his country’s belief that the UN Security Council and all foreign players who have influence on the situation in Syria should pave the way for implementing this document.

He added that these efforts are based on UNSC resolutions and the Geneva statement, which has been reached with Russia’s serious efforts.

Lavrov stressed that his country will continue working to achieve a settlement for the crisis in Syria as the fighting is getting more violent and causing more victims.

The Russian Foreign Minister said that Russia is doing its best to have violence halted and get the conflict parties to set down around the negotiating table through which the Syrians have to reach reconciliation and agree on the political structure of their country.

He added that Russia’s priority is reaching a comprehensive settlement for the crisis, rather than changing the regime, which explains the use of veto by Russia and China at the UN Security Council when there were intentions for military intervention in Syria.

Lavrov warned that the doubled game in the current situation in Syria is very serious as it will lead to nothing but the militarization and escalation of conflict as well as to stoking violence and increasing extremism and terrorist threats.

He stressed that the alternative to the peaceful solution in Syria is the spread of bloody chaos, adding that the more the conflict expands the worse the situation gets for all.

He noted that the situation in Syria and the region raises serious concerns, adding that the terrorist acts are being committed on a daily basis and the support of the fighting groups, including those which fight in the African deserts, with arms is still on

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