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The Syrian army controls the field

Posted by seumasach on January 24, 2013

Ghaleb Kandil


21st January, 2013

Western reports and press articles emphasize the rout of terrorist gangs in Syria and divisions that undermine their ranks. At the same time, the political Syrian opposition created by the West is bankrupt.

The latest developments in the field showed that the Syrian Arab Army (ASA) is advancing, and taking control of many troubled regions. It has liquidated rebel strongholds. According to reports in the Western press, terrorist groups sponsored by Turkey and the Gulf monarchies and manipulated by the United States, have amassed tens of thousands of multinational terrorists. Thousands of them were killed during the military offensives, and infighting is tearing their ranks after their strategic failures. Western reporters embedded in terrorist groups could not hide this moribund and bloody battles for booty and ammunition, mainly caused by the drying up of funding. The “ideological and political divisions”, encouraged by al-Nosra qaïdiste Front, which wants to liquidate all its competitors, are held in more than one region.

Western reports recognize that the Syrian state has extended its control over large areas, and contrary to some reports, the government would control 80% of the territory and all major cities and the surrounding countryside. Clashes with terrorist gangs are concentrated in the countryside close to the Turkish border in the provinces of Idleb and Aleppo and some neighboring Lebanon bastions in the countryside of Damascus and Homs.

The decision to create a popular forces, called National Defence Force, composed of reservists, is a strategic development, which has begun to show its consequences on the ground. In Aleppo, for example, 20,000 youth were enrolled in a week in the ranks of the Republican Guard after the authorization given to recruits to serve in their regions of origin. Defence Forces is a sign of a strong national unity, a factor needed to win the war against terror.

The Western and Israeli strategic experts ensure that the Syrian army, while resisting the terror war, planned and financed by the colonial and imperialist, has managed to preserve intact its military units to respond to any Israeli ground offensive or foreign intervention. It has retained its strategic capabilities of national defense.

In addition to the military capabilities of the Syrian state, the allies of Damascus intensified and adapted their multifaceted assistance through a partnership relationship against hegemonic plans of Americans.

The Russian army warned against any foreign military intervention in Syria, which would cause a catastrophe on the scale of the entire region. General Valery Girassimov said that his country was closely monitoring the deployment of Patriot missile batteries, in Turkey. “Our partners have announced that the missiles will not be used to establish a no-fly zone, over Syria,” he told a press conference after a meeting of the Russia-NATO Council in Brussels. “The position of Russia is to let the Syrians care to resolve the crisis, and Moscow rejects any foreign interference, which could be catastrophic for the region,” he added.

Iran, meanwhile, ran its commitment to support the government and the Syrian people, through the signing of an agreement allowing Damascus to borrow from Iran up to a billion dollars at preferential interest rates.

Faced with these unavoidable realities, Westerners are looking for an exit strategy but still refuse to admit defeat.

Thus, the coming months will be rich in developments, characterized by the strengthening of the influence of the Syrian state throughout the field. This equation inevitably compel Washington to accept the mechanisms of ending violence, which necessary conditions are stop funding and arming terrorist groups.

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