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Syria hit by many deadly terrorist attacks in Aleppo: France, UK and US silent

Posted by seumasach on October 4, 2012

Helmut Joachim Schmidt and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

3rd October, 2012

Many powerful terrorist explosions have just hit the financial hub of Aleppo in Syria. The Free Syrian Army (FSA) and various Islamist factions are intent on spreading terrorism, sectarianism and carnage all over Syria. However, look at the deadly silence of the United States, the United Kingdom and France. Therefore, it is clear that the current political elites in these nations now support terrorism on several fronts.

Firstly, it is the allies of the three above nations which are funding terrorism, spreading sectarianism, killing journalist, doing car bombs and beheading at random. This applies to Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey which have been given “a mandate” by Washington, London and Paris to spread terrorism and untold barbarity against the independent nation of Syria. If any of the three Western powers were opposed to what their allies were doing then they would condemn terrorism and sectarianism. Yet clearly this isn’t happening because they are all “in bed together.”

It is abundantly clear that with every dead Syrian soldier who is dying in order to protect the rich religious mosaic of Syria; that the overall determination of the military is increasing because they know that the fate of Syria depends on them. Despite this, why should so many Syrian soldiers have to die fighting al-Qaeda, FSA, Al Nusrah Front (supported by al-Qaeda), Free Sham, Tawheed Brigade, the Military Council, al Farouq Brigade, Liwa al-Tawhid, Liwa al-Islam and several others which also have links with the Azzam Brigades and al-Qaeda in Iraq.

The above reality also makes a mockery of media lies in many Western and Sunni Islamic dominated nations in the Middle East. After all, all the above have an Islamist agenda whereby Alawites, Christians, the Druze, the Shia and mainstream Sunni Muslims have much to fear. It is abundantly clear that the above terrorist and sectarian organizations desire to create an Islamist state which will enforce draconian laws on the people of Syria. Therefore, the Sunni Grand Mufti of Syria is fully aware that the various terrorist factions will seek to kill moderate Sunni Muslim leaders who oppose religious fanaticism and blind hatred.

According to reports within Syria the carnage was created by the deadly usage of car bombs which hit the financial area of Aleppo. It is known that the first three deadly explosions were followed by another car bomb attack in the Baba Amr quarter. Currently it is not known how many people have been killed but 27 people have been confirmed dead. The final total may get much higher because some reports are stating that at least 40 people have been killed by these brutal car bombings.

The first three attacks took place in the square of Saadallah al-Jabri. This part of Aleppo is under the control of the Syrian army but just like in Afghanistan and Iraq it is nigh impossible to keep al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups out. After all, it is clear that American forces and many international troops couldn’t prevent daily terrorist attacks in Iraq. Likewise, the Taliban is still going strong despite the so-called “war on terror” which in Syria is now “the war for supporting terrorism.”

It is time for friendly nations towards Syria to provide more support for the current Syrian government in order to stem the tide of international terrorism. This applies to more economic, political and military support. Standing on the sidelines simply isn’t good enough because if America, France, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Kingdom and Turkey can get away with direct and indirect support for terrorism. Then is any nation free from the same happening against them in the future if they happen to support independence?

If a car bomb happened to go off today in New York, London, Paris, Istanbul, Doha and Riyadh, then the very same nations would condemn this. It appears that the only lesson learnt from September 11 is to encourage the same forces by having them on the same side. This morally bankrupt policy appears also to have a free hand throughout many major media agencies. Therefore, the brutal car bombs that hit Aleppo today will be followed by more in the near future because political elites in Washington, Paris, Riyadh, Ankara, London and Doha have lost all sense of morality.

Once the FSA and various Islamist factions entered Aleppo then clearly carnage, sectarianism and terrorism followed the same path. If people still mention the words “Arab Spring” and “revolution” when applied to Syria; then clearly all sense of rationality no longer exists. The FSA and various Islamist factions enjoy filming beheading people, killing minorities, doing car bombs, killing journalists openly, creating carnage and doing the bidding of outside nations which seek to weaken Syria based on geopolitical interests.

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