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Syria: Armed gangs kidnap 150 Greek-Catholics

Posted by seumasach on September 26, 2012

Vatican Insider

25th September, 2012

We are talking about workers and farmers, men, youth and women, who were just a few kilometres from the village, working in the fields for the apple harvest, a major source of livelihood for the local population. Abou Fadel, a Catholic and father of one of the victims, contacted by Fides news agency, said he heard gunfire and blasts, “so we went to see what was happening. We saw lots of vans and pick-ups that brought people away. In the fields there were only boxes with the apple harvest left.”


Abou Fadel reports that “this region has for months been completely under the control of armed gangs who boss around. In the past few weeks we could not take care of the trees in the fields for lack of security. Then, thanks to a deal initiated by the governor of Homs, the situation looked better.”


“I am very worried. My son is among the kidnapped and many young people in our family have disappeared. Why? What do the kidnappers want? We fear for their fate. We are a peaceful village, close to the shrine of the prophet St. Elijah, a place worshiped by Christians and Muslims. We desire only to live in peace with everyone,” the man continues.
The Greek-Catholic Patriarch of Damascus, Gregorios III Laham, was informed of the incident and, Fideswrote having spoken to him, “he begs God to help the innocent and poor.” The Patriarch launches an appeal: “I call on all parties to respect the civil people and save innocent lives.” Some Christian leaders are trying to contact NGOs and international organizations to ask for assistance in this tragic situation.

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