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Iran urges NAM to launch alternative media bloc

Posted by seumasach on September 2, 2012


1st September, 2012

Head of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) Ezzatollah Zarghami has called on the Non-Aligned Movement to establish an alternative media bloc in the face of the West’s mainstream media mafia.

In a message to the NAM media representatives attending the Movement’s 16th summit in the Iranian capital city, Tehran, Zarghami called on the journalists to make concerted efforts “to establish the NAM media bloc in the face of the media bloc of the [global] hegemonic system.”

“A convergence among the press and the journalists committed to the humane and divine values is necessary as the main arm for revival of the NAM,” the IRIB chief pointed out.

Zarghami noted that the 16th NAM summit takes place against the backdrop of the sweeping wave of Islamic Awakening across the Arab world and the tide of anti-capitalism “Occupy” movements in the Western countries.

Such global developments demonstrate “the public’s uprising and awakening and their serious resolve to form a new order in international interactions,” and herald “the end of the monophonic era and the advent of polyphonic era,” he pointed out.

The IRIB chief hailed the presidency of Iran over the NAM as the revival of a new spirit in the Movement, as the Islamic Republic has taken concrete and practical steps to advocate NAM’s objectives over the past three decades.

The new spirit “heralds the reinforcement of the pillars of justice and freedom, elimination of poverty, [promotion of] peace, rule of divine and humane values in the human society, democracy and avoidance from any apartheid, discrimination and adoption of double standards,” Zarghami added.

The IRIB chief called on the media representatives to safeguard the professional principles of journalism by “lending support to the free flow of information and breaking the monopoly of news imperialism of the [global] hegemonic system.”

The 16th NAM Summit wrapped up in the Iranian capital on Friday, with the member states passing a final resolution, which included over 700 clauses.

The final communiqué expressed support for Iran’s nuclear energy program, rejected the United States’ unilateral sanctions against the Islamic Republic, and called for greater efforts to support the Palestinian cause.

The need to combat Islamophobia and racism throughout the world as well as global nuclear disarmament were some of the other key issues mentioned in the docum


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