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Latest UN Syria report compiled by Washington think-tanker

Posted by seumasach on August 16, 2012

Tony Cartalucci

Land Destroyer

15th August, 2012

Collections of “interviews” conducted abroad and “in the field” shape latest UN report – compiled by US corporate-financier representative Karen Koning AbuZayd.
by Tony Cartalucci

August 15, 2012 – “The [UN] report covers the period between Feb. 15 and July 20 and involved 1,062 interviews, both in the field and in Geneva,” reported the Washington Post in their article titled, “UN expert panel concludes Syria regime, militia have committed war crimes against civilians.” The Washington Post also writes that the UN report stated, “anti-government armed groups committed war crimes, including murder, extrajudicial killings and torture.”

The value of a report based on “interviews” is throwaway propaganda – to be twisted and used by both sides accordingly, but ultimately adding nothing in terms of documented facts or forensic, photographic, and/or video evidence. While providing a window into the current state of propaganda hanging over the Syrian conflict, the report adds nothing in terms of a better understanding of actual events on the ground. The language used by the Washington Post, and the selectively accusing title chosen indicates that the “twisting” and leveraging of the UN’s latest report has already begun.

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