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Gatilov: Western attempts to repeat Libyan scenario in Syria grave mistake

Posted by seumasach on July 13, 2012


13th July, 2012

Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister, Gennady Gatilov, warned of the western insistence on ending the work of the international observers mission to Syria.

In a statement on Friday, he added that Russia doesn’t rule out the possibility that the western insistence is an attempt to feel the pulse on repeating the Libyan scenario in Syria which is a grave mistake.

He added that it will be a grave mistake if the West takes any steps after withdrawing the international observer mission from Syria to further more complicate the situation which will be inevitable as the UN observers constituted to an extent an element of restraint and contributed to spreading stability in the areas they were located in.

Commenting on the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s proposal to send military units under the claim of guaranteeing the security of the UN observers, Gatilov stressed the need for coordination with the Syrian government on sending any armed forces or military units, adding that the government is not now ready as far as he knows.

He added that there are no talks about starting a peacekeeping process in Syria or imposing peace in it, adding that sending units should be coordinated with the hosting side, indicating that the Syrian government agreed on the work of the international observer mission.

The Russian Deputy Foreign Minister described the peace imposition process as part of compulsive measures taken without the agreement of the government concerned.

Regarding the scheduled visit of the UN special envoy to Syria, Kofi Annan, to Moscow next week, Gatilov said that his country will call upon Annan to work more effectively with the Syrian opposition.

Gatilov said that Russia sees that its partners are not ready to work effectively with the opposition as Russia is doing, adding that Annan is the essential mediator in this process.

He expressed deep regret that communications of Annan and his team with the opposition failed to reach any tangible results.

He said that Russia will reiterate its political support to Annan’s efforts and plan to reach a political and diplomatic solution to the crisis in Syria.

Gatilov affirmed his country’s belief in that Annan’s plan is the only basis for solving issues related to the crisis in Syria which was developed in Geneva meeting on June 30th.

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