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Houla horror: truth is elusive, lies are easier to spot

Posted by seumasach on May 28, 2012

Syd Walker

27th May, 2012

Over the last 24-hours there’s been a renewed media storm over Syria – prompted by a horrific story of atrocities in the town of Houla. Very gruesome images of dead children have been offered to the media, which has lapped them up and used them again and again on our screens and in our newspapers.

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One Response to “Houla horror: truth is elusive, lies are easier to spot”

  1. brian said

    OK, so who were the people massacred in Houla…a very important question, thats been ignored:

    BUT from blogger JOUD we learn:Joud ‏@Hey_JoudWatch from 0:57,1 of the revos admits the people killed in #Houle were pro regime yet says the govt killed them #Syria!/Hey_Joud

    Syrian Commando ✩ ‏@syriancommando
    The #AlHoulahMassacre was committed against pro-Assad families, confirmed by sources within #Syria, investigation = end of #FSA.
    Retweeted by Joud

    Joud ‏@Hey_Joud
    @Ani0978 @pgraha3003 @RT_com @SaraFirth_RT Their neighbours were interviewed on Syria TV and they assured that they opposed the revolution.

    Joud ‏@Hey_Joud
    @pgraha3003 @RT_com @SaraFirth_RT The massacred were pro regime living in an FSA-controlled area, there was no presence of army whatsoever.

    Joud ‏@Hey_Joud
    @HebaNoori They were pro Assad in an anti Assad area, do the math if you have 2 brain cells.

    Joud ‏@Hey_Joud
    @HebaNoori Yeah but the area is controlled by the FSA, there’s 0 syrian army members there so obviously it wasn’t the army who did it

    Joud ‏@Hey_Joud
    @HebaNoori shelled but when you see the video you’ll know that knives were used to kill them and obviously the army doesn’t use knives.

    Joud ‏@Hey_Joud
    @HebaNoori living in an area controlled by the FSA with no presence of army or security forces whatsoever. the opposition claimed they were

    Joud ‏@Hey_Joud
    @HebaNoori Calm your hormones and listen to facts. The people massacred were from al Kurdy family and their relatives, they’re pro regime

    so if pro-govt,..the killers had to be anti-government

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