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The Americans’ hypocrisy vis-à-vis Al-Qaeda and their predicament in Syria

Posted by seumasach on May 15, 2012

Wassim Raad



14th May, 2012

The Americans’ hypocrisy vis-à-vis Al-Qaeda and their predicament in Syria

The recognition by American Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta of the presence of Al-Qaeda in Syria and the fact that the suicide bombings carried its fingerprints featured a lot of hypocrisy and political imposture. Indeed, this recognition is not the first of its kind and falls in the context of a series of statements delivered by senior military and security commanders in the United States. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton also contributed to this American rhetoric more than once, without the American officials reviewing their behavior towards the Syrian situation. Quite the contrary, they are growing more determined to escalate the pressures against the Syrian national state and the Syrian people who are resisting the terrorism and takfir which are earning international and regional sponsorship from an alliance directly led by the United States.

Firstly, Panetta said that the groups of Al-Qaeda were benefiting from the anarchy in some Syrian cities, knowing that this anarchy is due to the presence of armed gangs embraced by the American and Western intelligence apparatuses and for which the Turkish government has established bases on its soil near the Syrian border. In the meantime, the Saudi and Qatari governments are boasting their financing and arming of these groups since the beginning of 2011. If there is any anarchy in some Syrian territories, it is due to the American plan to destroy Syria and the American and Western support being earned by armed gangs and political fronts that are mobilized by the American intelligence apparatuses and embraced by the Turkish, Saudi and Qatari leaders. At this level, the remnants of Al-Qaeda are part of this mixture that is targeting the Syrian people’s lives and stability under American tutelage.

Secondly, no one in the world can accept the idea or presumption that Saudi Arabia would dare adopt a position or a decision without earning the American consent or without American orders. The same goes to the Qatari government and the government of the Ottoman illusion which established joint operations rooms with the American and French intelligence apparatuses at the Incirlik base to lead terrorism in Syria. Certainly, no one can accept the American denial of the dispatch of weapons to Syria in favor of the terrorist gangs that are carrying out suicide bombings and killings, while the best proof for that is the Lutfallah II boat which was intercepted by the Lebanese army after it came from Libya. Indeed, Libya is under the control of American agents who previously shipped numerous arms and explosives to the Lebanese North, so that they are smuggled to Syria in cooperation with the March 14 forces that are led by Jeffrey Feltman and Bandar Bin Sultan.

Thirdly, since the beginning of the events, the Syrian state announced the presence of terrorists, the existence of activities carried out by the groups of takfir and the dispatch and gathering of the Al-Qaeda remnants inside Syria and near its border with the neighboring states, especially Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. The hypocrite American was denying those facts while accompanied by the choir of agents in Syria and in the region headed by Hamad Bin Jassem. Logically, the Syrian state should be receiving international support to fight terrorism based on the consecutive recognitions of the American government which has claimed throughout the past years that it was waging war against terrorism. However, it is the one that mobilized and supported the terrorist gangs to use them in the context of its attempts to undermine the Syrian state. The Americans and their agents fear the rise of the Syrian power in the region, just as they fear the establishment of the new international equation which emerged against the backdrop of the Syrian steadfastness in the face of terrorism and sabotage and their rallying behind the state, the army and the reform project led by President Bashar al-Assad. There is also the precedent which was instated by the Russian dynamism at the Security Council following the double veto.

Fourthly, the progress achieved by the Syrian state at the level of the reforms and the successful legislative elections that were recently held are accompanying the progress achieved at the level of the implementation of the articles stipulated in the cooperation protocol between the Syrian Foreign Ministry and the international observers’ mission. On the other hand, the armed groups that are sponsored by the Americans have confirmed their commitment to the escalation of the assassinations and explosions, thus targeting the observers in Daraa one day before the horrific suicide bombing which rocked Damascus. Today, Russia seems to be about to engage in a battle in the face of the American practices through its determination to prevent the smuggling of arms into Syria. It has the ability to do so thanks to its fleet in the Mediterranean basin and its satellites and intelligence networks throughout the region. Moreover, Russia has moved to the stage of diplomatic attacks through the call to impose sanctions on the states involved in the exportation of weapons and terrorism into Syria and in the financing of the terrorist gangs on Syrian soil. This will be the content of the international political conflict in the next period, considering that these sanctions will affect the governments and involved groups in Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey.

The loss of the terrorist gangs on the ground means the toppling of the American pressure card in Syria. This is why the Americans and their agents are trying to maneuver around the observers’ mission. But Annan’s initiative and Russia will be present inside and outside the Security Council to deter that hypocritical and conniving behavior adopted by the American administration due to its failure to undermine Syria.


The explosions and armed attacks were absent from the day on which the legislative elections were staged in Syria, although efforts had been deployed on the highest levels to present an electoral scene allowing the challenging of the electoral process and its expression of the Syrian public’s opinions. In the meantime, the explosions went back to targeting the major cities, i.e. Damascus and Aleppo consecutively, which confirms that these explosions do not convey the size and strength of the armed groups but are rather the result of the control of some groups over certain areas. Indeed, on electoral day, the security measures that were adopted particularity in Rif Damascus, Rif Aleppo and Edlib, allowed the closing of these region. But the security forces had to alleviate their grip on these areas’ gates during the days that followed due to the overlapping between the activities of the armed groups and the needs of the ordinary citizens.

The return of the explosions and the electoral day experience after what happened with the observers’ mission in Daraa in terms of the explosion which targeted their convoy, grant the Syrian government the legitimate right to mobilize a military campaign in order to cleanse these closed areas that are under the control of the armed men and have turned into dens to set up bombs and booby-trapped cars which are targeting the Syrian people’s lives. The depletion which terrorism is imposing on the Syrians prevents anyone from calling on the Syrian government to tolerate it in light of Annan’s mission.

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