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[Press Release] Newropeans demands for a common Euroland economic Government – now!

Posted by seumasach on May 12, 2012

NEWROPEANS Press Release
10_05_12 EN (2/2012)

10th May, 2012

Newropeans demands for a common Euroland economic Government – now! The election of François Hollande in France will also accelerate the democratization of Euroland

The trans-Euroland citizens movement Newropeans calls for a Euroland economic government. After the election of François Hollande as French president the situation now is opportune and auspicious in order to establish the so far missing Euroland economic government.

But this essential step is only one side of the coin. The other side is the urgently needed democratic legitimation of this Euroland economic government. Both -Euroland economic government and democracy – will be major contributions to a Euroland’s economic policy with a better balance of the needs of the different countries and thus more sustainable.

In this regard for Euroland the new elected French president François Hollande will bring indeed a new situation: a new political content, network and style will arise not only in France but also in Euroland. While in the past only the public debt problem was the main concern of the 17 Euroland governments a second crucial point from now on will also be on the political Euroland agenda: the main concerns of the citizens.

In most Euroland countries the people have to struggle against unemployment, increasing taxes and social security contributions, reduced public goods – while they are still waiting, for instance, for the adoption of the financial transaction tax. So even in governments of Euroland countries less affected by the crisis the deeper insight arises fastly that austerity measures alone will not bring any economic success for Euroland, which means for their countries and their people too.

Moreover the elections, especially in France, have shown how integrated Euroland already is. For weeks the French presidential election was an important topic of public discussions and the public opinion in Euroland. Thus a lot of citizens once again became aware that as “Eurolanders” with a single currency they share a common destiny. And as the increasing success of protest movements and parties show (whether in Greece, in Germany or in Italy) a lot of them also became aware of their current lack of influence on the Euroland level.

Yet without the support of a trans-Euroland democratic process and a Euroland economic government the financial and economic instruments (like ESM, Euro Plus Pact or Fiscal union) will lose all legitimacy. Newropeans demands for a common Euroland economic Government and democracy– now! 

the first transEuropean political movement
for the democratisation of Euroland

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