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David Cameron blames UK double-dip recession on eurozone

Posted by seumasach on April 30, 2012

“how we get our banks lending, how we make sure the money goes into infrastructure, how we make it easier for businesses to employ people, how we boost our exports, how we make sure that manufacturing and the rebalancing in our economy takes place”, adding: “All of those things are on the table.”

Cameron continues to raise the same problems without presenting any solutions. Britain is engulfed in a downward spiral, adrift without leadership. In this context, the Eurozone, which we have failed to destroy despite all our efforts, provides a convenient scapegoat.


29th April, 2012

David Cameron on Sunday held out the prospect of the UK economy being dragged down for years, as he predicted the euro crisis was “nowhere near half complete” and warned the single currency may yet break up. He also admitted efforts to move the UK economy away from dependence on the City and the public sector were not going fast enough.

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