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Euroland: A fight for political control or just for internet freedom and nuclear opt-out?

Posted by seumasach on April 21, 2012

NEWROPEANS Press Release
20_04_12 EN


20th April, 2012

Last weekend, representatives of the Pirate parties from 20 countries of the EU met in Prague to discuss their European networking. In line with the Pirates movement, everywhere in Europe, anger about social, economic and political conditions can be seen, showing that people are trying to find new political ways of expression.

This discontent is felt especially in Euroland where the Eurocitizens have no direct grip on ruling institutions. A topic which Newropeans, as the one and only trans-European movement, has been the only one to address intensively since 2005. Unlike other new national citizen movements or even established parties, Newropeans always considered Europe as a common political space. Though a space where, until today, what was was only to be seen was the confrontation of the various interests – national and private – influencing EU and now Euroland policies, Newropeans has been sticking to its approach which is to address trans-European topics exclusively and therefore only run for European elections.

At this European level, Internet freedom and nuclear opt-out are indeed most important issues. However, even more urgent is that the European citizens gain control over policies altogether. This is especially true for Euroland where governments have created pioneering institutions such as ESM, Euro Plus Pact or Fiscal union, without having involved the citizens.

Newropeans supports these important steps to strengthen Euroland as a geopolitical and economic power. The trans-European citizens’ movement however requires that after this “Euro-relief plan”, the Eurocitizens enter the game. Without the Eurocitizens as a democratic basis, Euroland – and the EU as a whole – will not survive long.

To date, only Newropeans has the know-how and experience of real trans-European elections and, as an integrated trans-European citizens’ movement, the will to promote European democratization. Newropeans will be happy to share this knowledge with other democratic forces that might be interested. Euroland: A fight for political control or just for internet freedom and nuclear opt-out?

To push forward this project Newropeans will contribute to a public debate organised in the framework of the Euroland Democratisation Forum on Saturday, 30 June, in Berlin (Germany), to which all interested persons and organisations are invited to contribute. More information will follow. 

the first transEuropean political movement
for the democratisation of Euroland

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