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France 2012-2014: The big republican earthquake and its international impact

Posted by seumasach on April 17, 2012

LEAP 2020

16th April, 2012

Just as LEAP/E2020 has been anticipating since November 2010 (GEAB N°49), the Socialist candidate (1), in this case François Hollande, will win the 2012 French presidential election (2). There is still the question relating to the first round of this election: will Nicolas Sarkozy, the outgoing president, come out ahead or behind Marine Le Pen (it was also part of our November 2010 anticipation) (3)? Therefore, it’s time to anticipate the consequences of this election for France, Euroland and the EU as well as at world level (NATO, G20, Euro-BRICS) because de facto it’s much more important for the current world’s progress, in full transition because of the world crisis, than the next American election which will see Barack Obama and Mitt Romney clash head-to-head (two candidates financed massively by Wall Street) against a backdrop of the US political system’s general paralysis (4).

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