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BC Hydro argument flawed

Posted by seumasach on April 12, 2012

SAO Observer

3rd April, 2012

Dag Sharman, the BC Hydro spokesperson, purportedly said at a recent  Salmon Arm council meeting that smart meters are “safe” and that only one per cent of British Columbians are opposed to them.

To date, 40 concerned communities have voted for a moratorium on the installation of this invasive and dangerous technology. If Mr. Sharman’s math is correct, then each of those communities contains fewer than 1,000 residents on average. Is it possible that these jurisdictions might just represent slightly more than one per cent of the provincial population of 4.5 million?

Also missing from his/BC Hydro’s argument is the fact that no one, either by mistake or convenience, has mentioned that the routers which search out, receive and send all this EMF (electromagnetic field) radiation add another 4,000 times to the effect.

Pile cell phone radiation, wireless fidelity (wi-fi), microwaves in every form, wireless phones, baby monitors, push-button car entry, etc., one atop the other and the public is being bombarded by an invisible health danger far beyond its ability to conceive. At least 15 per cent of the population already is electro-hypersensitive and that number is increasing daily.

Then ask why whole countries such as the Netherlands and Italy have banned the use smart meters, and why some school boards are removing wi-fi from their libraries and labs, and what is your conclusion?

We can’t afford them and they aren’t necessary. The only reason to shove smart meters down the public throat is to sell smart meters, and then, of course, smart appliances. The greed factor says it all faithful reader.

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