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‘Friends’ meet contradicts goals of peace: Russia

Posted by seumasach on April 2, 2012

Hurriyet Daily News

2nd April, 2012

Russia today said the “Friends of the Syrian People” meeting held this weekend in Istanbul contradicted the objective of reaching a peaceful settlement that could end more than a year of bloodshed.

“The promises and intentions to deliver direct military and logistical support to the armed… opposition that were voiced in Istanbulunquestionably contradict the goals of a peaceful settlement to the civil conflict in Syria,” the foreign ministry said in a statement.

One Response to “‘Friends’ meet contradicts goals of peace: Russia”

  1. cavema said

    it is quite clear that assad is finished. he should do the right thing and go into exile. the russians as always have backed the wrong horse, and they know it, but they need some kind of way out that won’t make them look embarressed, but that’s unlikely. diplomatically china and russia have shot themselves in the foot, the arab people will long remember how they both turned their back on the legitimate aspirations of the syrian and libyan people. i think the oil will start drying up for china. bad move for them.

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