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Afghan tribal leaders: Afghan civilians’ massacre pre-planned

Posted by seumasach on March 14, 2012


13th March, 2012

Afghan tribal leaders say the recent massacre of Afghan civilians by US troops has been pre-planned and not carried out by a lone soldier, Press TV reports.

The tribal leaders of the southern province of Kandahar said on Monday that several US forces, not a single soldier, contributed to the brutal carnage of Afghan civilians and that the violent action had been planned previously.

They said the carnage was in retaliation against a deadly bomb attack on the US troops in the Zangabad district in the town of Panjwaii in the province of Kandahar, which inflicted serious damage on the American military forces.

Following the blast, the American forces summoned local Afghans and tribal leaders of the region and vowed a bloody revenge on their children and wives, Kandahar tribal leaders added.

On Sunday, a US soldier opened fire on Afghan civilians inside their homes, killing at least 16 and injuring several others in the town of Panjwaii.

Local witnesses, however, put the number of the victims at 18, saying nearly a dozen bodies of the Afghan victims were burnt after the slaughter.

Kandahar tribal leaders called on the Afghan government and the international community to carry out an investigation into the crime and put the perpetrators of the heinous act on trial in an Afghan court.

Afghan lawmakers have also called for a public trial of the US troops involved in the massacre.

Meanwhile, Afghan Taliban have vowed revenge against US forces.

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