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Activists in Turkey protest installment of NATO radar system

Posted by seumasach on February 12, 2012


12th February, 2012

Activists in Turkey have once again staged a rally to protest the installment of a NATO radar station in the east of the country, Press TV reports.

The Saturday protest was organized by a group named “Ankara Unity against NATO and Missile Shield,” which says it wants to inform the Turkish nation about the ‘true purposes’ behind the system.

Turkey will host the US-made radar in the Kurecik district of the eastern province of Malatya as part of a NATO missile system.

The protesters called on Ankara to adopt independent policies and stop taking measures that would serve the interests of certain Western countries. The protesters claimed that some Western powers, led by Washington, plan to wage a war on Syria, and called on Ankara to avoid lending any support to the plot.

Turkish activists have held several similar protests to voice their opposition to the radar system, saying the station will be of no benefit to Turkey and will even endanger the country’s interests.

The protest rallies were triggered after the government officially declared in last September that it had struck a deal with NATO to host the radar station.

Observers say Turkey’s agreement to the installment of the NATO missile system and its harsh stance toward Syria are among the most controversial moves taken by the Turkish government over the past year.

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