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Turkey – Mission Impossible in Syria

Posted by seumasach on December 12, 2011

Democratic Syria

11th December, 2011

Turkey up to its ears in killing Syrians, over 40 Turkish officers arrested inside Syria were among a big group of terrorists imported from Libya recently. News leaked that some negotiations are being conducted to exchange them with terrorists based in Turkey like the case with Hussain Harmoush a runaway officer who was handed to Syria in exchange with 2 Turkish officers arrested in Syria.

Turkish officials gone mad because all their efforts in removing Syrian president failed miserably, they used and trying to use all their cards starting with training terrorists, facilitating their movements, supplying logistics, weapons and finance, to threatening with sanctions to literally shouting threats in media, trying to push Kurdish ethnic minorities inside Syria to riot.. all in vain, on the contrary, all of their efforts back-lashed against Turkey itself with more harm than ever thought.
For that Turkish Muslim Brotherhood (a terrorist organization based on extreme transliteration of Islam) govt, put all their odds with the removing of Syrian president, if they eventually fail, and most likely they’re going to, they are out of the political life in the area and might have consequences throughout the countries that the USA had led changes in and installed Muslim Brotherhood puppet govts in (Libya, Tunisia, Egypt [still trying though they won a majority n Parliamentary elections with a more extreme movement Salafists..) and the tremor most likely wouldn’t stop there.
As soon as Turkish officials slapped economic sanctions against Syria, the latter retaliated with using Turkey’s face as a training bag for slapping sanctions hitting Turkish economy very hard that added insult to the injury for Turkish PM & his team. Syria cancelled a free trade agreement signed in 2004, applied customs tax on Turkish imported good up to 30%, transit fees reinstated against Turkish trucks transporting Turkish goods to most of the Arab countries, esp in Lebanon, Jordan and the Gulf countries.

Turkish officials tried to play down the effects of sanctions by talking about alternate routes for its trucks but the fact is now they have only 2 other options, first through Iraqi’s dangerous hostile Kurdish territories adding also 5 days at least in roads, or through sea adding more days and both ways adding high costs.
No alternative for Turkish existing extremist govt except removing Syria’s Assad even if they have to go on suicide missions inside Syria, personally! The role given to Turkey by NATO and it accepted thinking it will be resurrecting the dead Ottoman Empire was much bigger than its capabilities, a dream that will become a nightmare soon; therefore, it’s Mission Impossible.

Note: It’s worth mentioning that the measures taken by Syria against Turkey are far beyond what Turkish govt expected especially the cancellation of the Free Trade Agreement signed in 2004, yet we see most media allied with NATO covers the issue as Turkey was the one to cancel the agreement. This link to a Turkish prominent newspaper is a conclusive evidence that Syria cancelled the agreement before 5 days of Turkish announcement of cancelling the same agreement, which falls in line with most of the media-misconception reporting Syrian events:

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