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No more revolution in Russia

Posted by seumasach on December 12, 2011


10th December, 2011

US senator John McCain must be an unhappy man when he woke up Saturday EST and switched on TV. He went to bed convinced Moscow was erupting like Tahrir Square. It seems he twitted to Vladimir Putin, “Vlad, the Arab Spring coming to a neighbourhood near you.” Seriously, the state department seems to have misled Washington political elites!

Today’s demo in Russia turned out to be disappointing for the western media. The Guardian’s Live Update shows it. Moscow had the biggest rally – 25000 protestors, followed by St. Petersburg with 7000. In the provinces, there were minor protests in few dozens or hundreds. The establishment did well allowing free play. No ‘authoritarian tendencies’.
In sum, there ain’t going to be a revolution in Russia. The ‘protest votes’ have gone to the communist party and good communists don’t take to barricades via Facebook. As someone put it, revolution in Russia already took place 20 years ago and no one wants to bring down the house they built painstakingly since then with much suffering and fortitude.
The protest is all about ‘course correction’. The biggest outcome is that Russian leaders have become ‘cool’ about noisy democracy; as president Dmitry Medvedev put it, protests are after all a‘manifestation of democracy’. Now, fasten seat belts, as Putin hits the campaign trail.

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