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AIWAA – Against Imperialist Wars in Africa and Asia

Posted by seumasach on November 27, 2011


This is a British organisation which has taken a stand against British imperialism (click on link to view website)

ITNT is in complete accord with the following statement of aims( see AIWAA website “What We Stand For”) :

Against Imperialist Wars in Africa and Asia (AIWAA) is an independent, anti-imperialist, anti-sectarian, ad-hoc group that aims to address the root issues that have justified Western interventions historically and continue to do so in the present.

AIWAA is a British based organization and this is one of the reasons why our focus will be to shed light on the activities of the British establishment. However, the prime reason we focus on the British establishment is because a good proportion of the situations that we are concerned with have their economic and political roots in British imperialism.

This does not mean to say that we support American and other Western imperialisms. It simply means our efforts are directed at British imperialism because, self-evidently, this is where our work can be more consequential. We have no democratic influence on the American government, but potentially on the British establishment.

In Britain, advocating against American imperialism can be seen as a ruse to deflect attention away from British imperialism and colonialism. In other words, what moral right does an activist or campaigner possess when speaking about American crimes in Vietnam but has nothing to say about British crimes in Kenya or Malaya? How can one become all morally upright about American interventions in Central and South America, but have nothing to say about British interventions in North Yemen or Oman? You can rightly expose that fact the White House was built by slaves, but fall way short when it comes to admitting that Britain’s industrial revolution was financed by the Atlantic slave trade. Why haven’t you ever said anything about the imperially stolen Indian Koh-I-Noor diamond that decorates the Queen’s coronation crown or the statue of Sir Robert Clive, one of the most infamous international looters ever, symbolically adorning the building of the Foreign Office?

AIWAA aims to redress this oversight.

The capitalist system collapsed in 2008 and the British establishment, like other establishments around the Western world, bailed out its banks and allowed this system to survive. The Western and specifically British military interventions in Africa and Asia are designed and prosecuted to keep this literally, morally and financially bankrupt system afloat.

On this basis, AIWAA practically endeavors to:

  • Campaign against Western military interventions in the developing world. The last 10 years have seen have seen these interventions lay waste to Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • Expose the double standards that lie at the heart of the British establishment when embarking on military misadventures. Also to expose the lies of the pseudo-opposition to these interventions.
  • Countering mainstream media distortions and misrepresentations of the developing world and their struggles.
  • Exposing contemporary British neo-colonialism in the Middle East.
  • Campaigning for Western compensation, reparations and justice for all those countries that continue to be affected by the policies of British imperialism disguised as humanitarian intervention.
  • Exposing the British central role in establishing Zionism in Palestine and the Saudi clan in “Saudi” Arabia and also dividing the Arabs into 22 states.
  • Supporting equal rights for immigrant groups in the UK, especially those who have been forced to flee or forcedly evicted from their countries because of British policies and participation in conflict such as in Iraq, Diego Garcia, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Libya and Somalia.
  • Opposing the use of religion as a tool for divide and rule by imperialists and their puppet surrogates.

All these points will inform a unifying strategy to develop and project an understanding of the underlying core issues which power these interventions.

If you agree with AIWAA’s diagnosis and want to help us move forward please get in touch.

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