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Glasgow protest in solidarity with the people of Sirte

Posted by seumasach on October 19, 2011

Cailean Bochanan

19th October, 2011

I can’t find much on Libya in the mainstream media today. They seem to have gone quiet of late after trumpeting the great NATO “victory” in Sirte last week. Perhaps they’re resting on their laurels this week after the destruction of that city of about 100,000 people. The media seem to enjoy boasting about this. They also keep telling us that the civilians have all gone, a strange boast that is also completely false but which enables them to triumphantly show the TNC bombardment of the town from distance as not a war crime since, they give us to understand, only “Gaddafi’s diehard supporters” are there. But it is true that there is nothing left of Sirte except an indomitable spirit of resistance that NATO is completely unable to overcome. So much so that the NATO forces seem to have given up there for the meantime except for the daily routine of random bombing and have moved onto another “last holdout” of the Jamahiriya, Beni Walid. How many last holdouts are there and can NATO take any of them?

The utter incoherence of the media narrative on Libya, the evident criminality of it all and the bottomless pit of suffering which it is bringing to the people of Libya who we claim, laughably, to be protecting should be familiar to us all now after ten years of the same in Afghanistan and Iraq. What does it take to move the conscience of the West? Will the movement that is taking hold of the USA and seems destined to do the same here, become that conscience? Let’s hope that it does. Let’s work to make sure that it does. Join our protest tomorrow in solidarity with the city of Sirte and afterwards on to occupied George Square hopefully with half of Buchanan Street in our trail.

5-6 pm, Thursday, 19th October, Donald Dewar Statue, top of Buchanan Street

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