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Allain Jules: News from the front: TNC cornered

Posted by seumasach on October 1, 2011

Allain Jules

1st October, 2011

Translated by Cailean Bochanan

Is a mega history being written now in Libya. Judging by statements by the TNC things are going from bad to worse. So what new stink bomb are these losers about to unleash. NATO can’t live up to their lies and is visibly dragging its feet while the TNC has it in for NATO for not bombing enough. Just setting the scene.

According to our information, a head of state involved in this absurd little war against Libya has said  to the Benghazi renegades, and I quote: “If we kill all the Libyans,  you’ll be left ruling over trees?”. He added, ” the moment for peace has come and it is up to you to make peace instead of continued recourse to arms”. This in reply to the Islamicist-traitor- criminal- fantasists of Benghazi.

It’s an unmistakable sign. NATO is so up to its kneck in its own shit that it has become impossible to continue. And it isn’t about “Gaddafi supporters”, as the mainstream media so likes to call them, but ordinary Libyans who feel swindled. NATO, having failed in its mission  to eliminate Gaddafi has, alas for them, simply reinforced the pro-Gaddafi camp.

Tripoli: for the last two days there have been pro-Gaddafi demonstrations in the capital. The ace killers of the TNC no longer know where to raise their head. Khamis Gaddafi, the man with seven lives, has given them an ultimatum to clear out of Tripoli. As a taste of things to come, his troops have destroyed the offices of NATO and the CIA, before following on with the TNC offices. The unfortunates who were there took refuge with…. you’ve guessed it, the Red Cross

Gadhames: This town in the Libyan, 650 kilometres from Tripoli, inhabited by Tuaregs, is near to Tunisia and Algeria. Having announced that Muammar Gaddafi was there, staying in the town’s sublime mosque, the TNC asked the soldiers of the apocalipse to bomb the town. They refused fearing, quite rightly, that they might trigger an explosion of resentment amongst the Tuareg. Suddenly, the TNC told its fighters to stay put.

Misrata: Violent clashes took place today between rebel factions. Back from Sirte, feeling a bit groggy,this military detachment, broken and wiser after their misadventure, wanted their old places back. Being refused, fratricidal war broke out leading to numerous losses in their camp. To be expected after their commanders were killed at Sirte and there was no one left to give the orders.

South of Libya: Entirely in the hands of Gaddafi. People continue to go about their business and no killer planes dare to fly over this peaceful corner of Libya. The people here have told the rebels in no uncertain terms to clear off, pronto.

Zawiya: the arms and munitions depot of NATO has been destroyed after loyalists helped themselves to the arms. Rapidly, the renegades fled the city, making their way to Tripoli international airport joining French, American and British agents who have fled the centre of Tripoli and are preparing themselves to get on the first flight since things are getting serious

Benghazi: to cap it all Mustapha Abdel Jalil is unavailable for comment. Possibly he doesn’t live there now. A fatwa against his good person has been declared. At the very least, if he is still in Benghazi, he can’t move about, cloistered in the four walls of his palace. Worse, 50% of the town is already out of bounds for the renegades. The green flag is flying: the last straw.

CNT: 1000 TNC fighters are missing since the debacle in Sirte and Bani Walid. They were’nt killed in action but have simply deserted. What you’d expect after 8 months of conflict: it’s  hangover time. Those who have had the chance to grab some valuables won’t feel too agrieved. The rest are licking their wounds. The TNC wants to recrute mercenaries but there are no takers.

For Obama, Sarkozy and Cameron as an African thinker once put it: ” Truth is like your arse, you have to sit on it”. In other words, you are victims of your own lies; back to the drawing board.

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