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Bombing doesn’t win hearts and minds

Posted by seumasach on September 29, 2011

Cailean Bochanan

29th September, 2011

David Cameron thinks he can bomb Britain back to global leadership. This is the mentality of the mobster who sees in a hitman  taking out opponents  the solution to everything. But the Libyan resistance has not been “taken out” after over six months of terror bombing by NATO. Nor have they been taken in by Nazi Rasmussen’s claims the all resistance is futile and will be crushed. Far from being futile, Libyan resistance is in the ascendant. Why else have the media suddenly gone so quiet? Cameron’s Al Qaeda allies, hailing from Abdul Hakim Belhaj’s  Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, a proscribed organisation, have proved no match for the Libyan army and a people fighting for their freedom and have taken a serious beating at Sirte, Bani Walid and Sabhah. The TNC has put back the naming of a government until Libya is under their control- they have put it back for ever! Embarrasingly, they have already been given a seat at the UN and occupy  Libyan embassies in London and elsewhere. But who are these shadowy officials who dare not speak their own names? I’ve heard of puppet governments, shadow governments and governments in exile, but this one is simply non-existent. Perhaps it’s a kind of non-governmental organization, a charity to help create refugees. Meanwhile, there are reports that NATO pilots are refusing to bomb targets which are clearly not military such as the housing estates and schools they have demolished in Sirte. I like to believe it’s true because I think there is still some fundamental decency and that people don’t sign up to commit war crimes. In fact, we all have to make a stand against this new series of destructive wars-  not being fought,  this time, against Al Qaeda the enemy,but alongside Al Qaeda, the friend.


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