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Big lie: mass grave at Abu Slim

Posted by seumasach on September 28, 2011

Marinella Correggia, Italy
 On Sunday 25th the world media spread the news that Libyan Ntc found a mass grave with  1.200 bodies (or 1.700 according to other Ntc sources) near Abu Slim prison. Ntc said reporters that these were the bodies of prisoners who were killed by the government in Abu Slim in 1996.  Of course the world media, first of all Al Jazeera, spread the news everywhere.
But a CNN team that was brought to the muddy field with other news outlets found only what appeared to be animal bones. Plus, no excavations had taken place.
Later on, the Ntc was obliged to admit that they lied. As you can read here  Jamal Ben Noor, a senior official with the Justice and Human Rights Ministry, said the site reported behind Abu Salim prison in Tripoli “could be something else,” because the bones found here are bigger than normal human remains.
Unfortunately all the big media did not spread the news about this lie. We have to do it! Ntc is not new to this kind of huge propaganda. In January, the news of a “mass grave in Tripoli” did the tour of the world. When it was discovered by indipendent media that this was not a mass grave but an ordinary cemetery and the video was turned in 2010, the big media did not report it.

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