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Glasgow protest against NATO war crimes

Posted by seumasach on September 12, 2011

Cailean Bochanan

12th September, 2011

Ever since I’ve been in Glasgow people have always gathered in the town centre when bombing and war crimes directed against our latest victims commenced. That was true of the bombing of Iraq in all its phases culminating in the destruction of Fallujah. It was true of the bombing of Serbia, the attack on Afghanistan, the bombing of Lebanon and Gaza. Has this humanist and anti-colonial tradition now expired? Or our we still too busy in our misguided and premature celebrations of the “fall of Gaddafi” to pay attention to our destruction of his country. Now the “rebels” who are quite clearly simply NATO’s men on the ground in Libya have destroyed and ethnically cleansed the town of Tawerga, clearing it of its population of 10,000 largely black Libyans. As a rebel commander, cited in the Telegraph, delicately put it:

“Tawerga no longer exists”.

There are reports  of the use of mustard gas on the city of Bani Walid, which refuses to surrender to NATO forces. NATO are determined to destroy Libya in a murderous blitzkrieg of astounding violence. The fact that the entire mainstream media, the entire political class, the whole of official society is complicit in these crimes or, what amounts to the same thing, refuses to see them, doesn’t mean they are not happening. It means that those same people  are corrupt, cowardly liars who have sold their souls for imagined gain. We can also sell our souls but only to discover that  our own futures are as inconsequential to our elites as the people of a Libyan town. Better then to take a stand for humanity and against the warmongers who are dragging us inexorably to ultimate destruction.

Protest 5-6 pm, Thursday, 15th September, Donald Dewar Statue, top of Buchanan Street

Stop NATO war crimes in Libya! No more bombing! Disband the NATO terror organisation! No to global war!

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