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Complete gobbledygook from STW on Libya

Posted by seumasach on September 1, 2011

Chris Nineham repeats the STW coalition’s position that the overthrow of Gaddafi, which is not at this point a reality as the TNC are unable to form an administration due to the fact that they don’t control Libya, is “a cause for celebration” but then laments the imperial rape of Libya which would be the inevitable consequence of a takeover by the NATO stooges which STW has been pretending are democratic forces.He pretends to fail to see that  there is absolutely no reason to wish for or celebrate  Gaddafi’s possible overthrow unless you support the destruction of Libya and the death or enslavement of its people. Fortunately there millions of  people who still wish to fight against NATO in Libya and, despite STW’s deceptions and those of other treacherous leftists, some of us still hope to mount a fightback in this country.

One Response to “Complete gobbledygook from STW on Libya”

  1. seumasach said

    After having done next to nothing to stop NATO bombing and killing, and having spread a lot of nonsense about the Benghazi mob, making out that they represented some kind of popular uprising, the STW regrets results of their handywork and betrayal

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