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Black migrants narrowly escape racist NATO-backed rebels in Tripoli

Posted by seumasach on August 29, 2011

Global Civilians for Peace


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The myth of ‘African mercenaries’ in Libya has been used since the start of the Libyan conflict to explain away and cover up the mass lynching of black Libyans and migrant workers in Libya by racist elements of the rebels. The mainstream media have largely been complicit in this NATO/rebel propaganda and have maintained the NATO narrative of portraying the rebels as ‘democratic freedom fighters’. This is despite the readily available evidence of racist attacks on blacks by rebels.

Many black Libyans and migrant workers fled to Tripoli to escape the ethnic cleansing policy of rebel elements in the East of Libya. With the NATO/rebel attack on Tripoli, black Libyans and migrant workers live in fear as the propaganda resurfaces.

Amnesty International crisis researcher, Donatella Rovera;

‘’We examined this issue in depth and found no evidence. The rebels spread these rumours everywhere, which had terrible consequences for African guest workers: there was a systematic hunt for migrants, some were lynched and many arrested. Since then, even the rebels have admitted there were no mercenaries, almost all have been released and have returned to their countries of origin, as the investigations into them revealed nothing.”

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