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“Al Qaeda” attacks Algeria for Gaddafi support

Posted by seumasach on August 29, 2011

Leonor en Libia

29th August, 2011

Terrorist organization “Al Qaeda Islamic Maghreb” claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack on August 26 in the Algerian city of Cherchell, this Sunday August 28 reported agence france-presse. As a statement of a certain Salah Abu Mohammad, a terrorist attack against the Algerian military was established as the seat of government of Algeria for the support of the regime Colonel Qaddafi, and the desire to give him asylum. The attack on the military academy in Cherchell occurred in the evening on August 26. Exploded near a building managed by a suicide machine, and around the scene when a crowd gathered, it rode on a motorcycle and another suicide bomber blew himself up. The attack killed 18 people – 16 soldiers and two civilians, 26 people were injured. The representative of “Al-Qaeda Islamic Maghreb,” says that during the attack killed 36 people and wounded were 35, ITAR-TASS. Representatives of the National Transitional Council of Libya (NPC), also openly declared that Algeria will answer for their refusal to recognize the new Libyan government. Libyan rebel leadership said that the Algerian authorities sent mercenaries to help al-Gaddafi. The actions of terrorists, “al-Qaeda Islamic Maghreb” is actually consistent with the National Transitional Council of Libya (NPC), their main task to achieve by refusing to support Algeria’s Al-Qadhafi and his supporters. Such a strong coordination action Libyan rebels and Islamic radicals against Algeria, can become an unpleasant surprise for the leadership of France, which strenuously trying to not notice that the “Libyan revolutionaries” – is the radical Islamists. Destabilization of Algeria, is harming primarily in France, but was conceived as a crusade against Libya, Nicolas Sarkozy of such effects are not expected.

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