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The covert invasion of Libya

Posted by seumasach on August 25, 2011

Cailean Bochanan

25th August, 2011

I wrote recently that NATO had the option of retreating with its tail between its legs or mounting a full-scale invasion of Libya. That seemed logical at the time: it is still logical. What then has happened?

What we see unfolding is the first covert stage of that invasion. Under cover of a complete media blackout of independent sources, special forces and mercenaries are attempting to seize control of the capital with a view, presumably, to being able to present the TNC as the new functioning Libyan government. This ‘Government” can then appeal for “humanitarian aid” from the  NATO forces now poised to go in, probably largely British and French, It is telling that the Russians have said that they will recognise the TNC if it can produce a stable administration. That is the crux of the matter for the moment.

So far, there is no indication that they are near to achieving this since mainstream media reports still tell of Libya loyalist resistance. That would be OK if they were just small pockets of diehards still shooting as the people celebrate their new found freedom: obviously they are not. As for the people they are nowhere to be found in their allocated role. The BBC, ever resourceful, was able to post cheering crowds but they were from India and waving Indian flags. Big Brother wants us to believe anything. Apart from that we have the usual pictures, always from the same angle, of some particularly uncouth looking individuals who look as if they should be flying the Jolly Roger rather than the Libya monarchist flag. If this is the sovereign people then we are already in hell and Beelzebub has been proclaimed lord of all.  One thing we can be quite sure of now, if ever there was any doubt, is that “the rebels” are not some kind of popular or democratic movement.

Meanwhile the bombing goes on and we cover ourselves in shame. If we ever come through the violence being unleashed on the world by this scourge, NATO, we will have to face the questions of our grand children about what we did to combat these forces of darkness, the New Tamberlaine. They will be unconvinced by our replies.

One Response to “The covert invasion of Libya”

  1. seumasach said

    Libbie Wiener talking on ITN News this lunchtime tells us that the UK wants to send in some diplomats to help set up a new government. But they are unable to do so since the TNC crowd can’t safely go to Tripoli

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