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Remove WIFI from our schools

Posted by seumasach on July 5, 2011

Please sign the below petition to remove WIFI from our schools and all public facilities.
In the wake of the WHO/IARC classification of electromagnetic fields as a Class 2 B Carcinogen, meaning “can cause cancer in humans”, we are moving as fast as we can to ban and mitigate this carcinogenic technology and infrastructure and part of that is raising awareness amongst the general public and putting our legislators on notice for future actions to come.
In addition to cancer, this type of radaition can also cause heart arrythmia, birth defects, sterility and other illnesses.  The general public have been misled and it is our children who are paying the highest price for our lack of education on this issue.
This petition sums up the effects WIFI can have and why we want it out of our schools and other areas utilized by the public.  Please sign it, post it on your FB and circulate as widely as possible.
Also, we are a 501c3, non profit, charitable organization. These petitions do cost us money since they are so nicely individualized and targeted to our specific representatives and therfore come at a premium.  We also have basic operational costs.  Any and all contributions towards this and our other educational and legislative campaigns are greatly appreciated.
PS, If you live in another country perhaps you can take the legal cases out of the petition, adopt it for your country and representatives and pass it around for sigs in your own country.  Every action around the world on this issue goes a long ways to help us all.
Sincerley, Liz et a

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