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21st June:massive demonstrations in Syria

Posted by seumasach on June 25, 2011


21st June, 2011

Videos of demonstrations

Several million Syrians throughout the country took to the streets on Tuesday, 21 June 2011. The crowds were particularly dense and impressive in Damascus Alep, Tartous and Homs.

They turned out to express their support for the reform measures announced by President Bashar Al-Assad the previous day in the speech he delivered at the University of Damascus.

The scale of the demonstrations, unprecedented in the history of Syria, are a token of the huge popular support enjoyed by the «regime», so widely demonized by Western media and political leaders.

For the sake of comparison, at the peak of the anti-government rallies of the past three months, the overall number of protesters in the entire country amounted was between 150 000 and 200 000.

The Syrians living in the country and whose children are serving in the army don’t swallow the disinformation dished out by satellite channels that portray them as being under the yoke of a dictatorship, where the police is torturing children and the army is bombarding villages. Instead, what they do know is that their country is prey to a destabilization plot at the hands of armed groups piloted from abroad, a prelude to a possible NATO aggression.

In your opinion, who is telling the truth: the Syrian people or the Western media?

One Response to “21st June:massive demonstrations in Syria”

  1. jon said

    This is obviously Syrian propaganda. The Syrian have been bombing villages. This talk of reform is obviously an attempt at delay so that the fascist military/ security apparatus can organise more mass arrests and tortures and murders. As for the demos in damascas these are obviously faked. The corrupt fascist Syrian regime has too much to lose to actually seriously consider reforms. Mush like the fascist Gaddaffi, Assad doesn’t want to leave because he has no where to go.

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