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Iran slams NATO’s “deadly strikes” on Libya

Posted by seumasach on June 22, 2011

People’s Daily

22nd June, 2011

Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister for European Affairs Ali Ahani on Tuesday condemned the deadly strikes by NATO on Libya, saying the attacks are “killing innocent people and destroying the country’s economic infrastructure,” the English language satellite Press TV reported.

Ahani criticized NATO’s military intervention in Libya during a meeting with the Serbian Foreign Ministry’s special envoy Darko Tanaskovic in Tehran.

He said the intervention was a result of misinterpretation of the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1973.

The Security Council adopted Resolution 1973 on March 17, authorizing member states to take all necessary measures to protect civilians under threat of attacks in Libya, including in the opposition base of Benghazi, while excluding foreign occupation of any form on any part of the Libyan territory.

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