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The Odyssey’s false dawn

Posted by seumasach on June 21, 2011

Cailean Bochanan

21st June, 2011

The moment of truth is coming for NATO although, whatever it is, we can be sure that their wooden, little puppet man, Rasmussen, won’t be telling it. The truth is that they are in one hell of a mess. Gaddafi has regained mass support thanks to the rebels decision to ally itself with the forces of darkness: against the background provided by NATO’s unabashed terrorism he is taking on the aura of a Mother Teresa figure. On the geopolitical catwalk the world’s dictators are wowing the public, supermodels next to the West’s ghastly harridans. The Benghazi crowd, on the other hand, with their endless shrieking for more bombing, or is it more accurate bombing, are looking  like shameless opportunists or CIA plants. They blamed Gaddafi for NATO’s killing of civilians and blame themselves when they in turn become the collateral damage: NATO is their god although an arbitrary and wrathful one.

Gates has accused the non-Anglo-Saxon NATO allies of wanting a free ride: in fact, they don’t want to be on the train at all but are still too shy to say, or are merely hinting at it with nuances which the Americans don’t understand. The Americans think the Germans don’t want to bomb Libya because it’s too expensive: it just wouldn’t occur to them that the Germans just don’t want to bomb Libya. Maybe they’ve got a secret business deal with Libya and that’s why they don’t want to bomb them. Just like the Chinese. Anyway, the burden of bombing is not being shared.

Another thing that is not going well is the fact that we don’t control the world’s media. We’re getting very tetchy about RT and Press TV. A Times reporter accused RT of being state run, like the BBC, in fact. The problem being that the British oligarchy can knobble a state run broadcaster in London but not in Moscow. In the UK, Press TV has been brought to the attention of the regulator. As a result of non-Western media coverage we can hear the chorus of criticism of NATO’s assault on Libya. NATO is beginning to sound like an international terrorist organisation, which is essentially what it is.

All in all if this is WW III, as some have claimed, it’s not going very well for Anglo-America- not much of a dawn to their odyssey, unless it’s an odyssey into the fourth world.

So decision time beckons for the Western warmongers: escalate or retreat.  Gaddafi has offered us a way out with his promise of elections in three months but will the NATO neanderthals be able to grasp the olive branch. We could then claim victory by having brought democracy to Libya. The problem here is that we don’t want democracy in Libya: the whole operation was, at least in part, to stop the spread of the Arab awakening which is a mortal threat to us.

No, if the dream of a global Reich is to be kept alive, Gaddafi must be dealt with: that means a full scale invasion subsequent to which the Western alliance will simply disintegrate. That is only as it should be: then we will know that we must stand alone- stand alone and take on the whole world if we are really convinced that is sound thinking.

One Response to “The Odyssey’s false dawn”

  1. jon said

    ‘Gaddafi has gain mass support’? where do you get that info from? And the Benghazi are ‘shrieking’ for more bombs? You even accuse them of being CIA plants. Listen buddy you live in paradise, you don’t get rounded up at night and tortured or murdered, so you don’t have to face the choice of picking up a gun and fighting for your freedom. How dare you make judgements about a conflict safe behind a computer? So gaddafi has offered the promise of elections? And why are so quick to trust a murdering psychopath? You call NATO the reich but you are prepared to support a fascist scumbag like Gaddafi. You are a fascist appeaser

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