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Attacks on Libya condemned

Posted by seumasach on May 9, 2011

Milli Gazette

8th May, 2011

New Delhi: NATO attacks led by America and France on Libya have been widely condemned here in India. On March 22, Lok Sabha members, cutting across party lines, unanimously condemned the US-led coalition air strikes on Libya. MPs from all parties, BJP, BSP, CPI, Muslim League, BJD, Trinamul Congress, N.C, CPIM, NDA observed that NATO has no right to devastate any country. What is happening in Libya is an internal matter of that country and no external power should interfere in it, the MPs unanimously said. However, they expressed their support to democratic forces struggling against the authoritarian regimes. “We are against any military intervention to enforce regime change,” they observed.

Muslim organizations across the country also slammed the west’s air attacks on Libya. Muslim organisations of Mumbai protested against the American conspiracy against the Muslim world.

Maulana Mahmood Madni, Secretary General JUH(M) condemned these attacks saying that it will lead to a widespread destruction in Libya as was the case in Afghanistan and Iraq. JIH chief Maulana Jalaluddin Umri said that American intervention in Libya is not acceptable. The Maulana, however, supported democratic forces and slammed Gaddafi’s brutal attacks on rebels. The Communist Party of India (Marxist) strongly opposed the military intervention in Libya. “Let the Libyans resolve their problems,” it said.

On March 21, India officially appealed to the West to stop its bombardment in Libya. At the same time, External Affairs Minister SM Krishna clearly said that India does not support Gaddafi and that Libyan people’s sentiments should be respected. Milli Council demanded a stop to military intervention in Libya immediately. Javed Habib of Bharati Majlis condemned the NATO attacks on Libya saying that this cabal of state terrorists America, France and Britain, now is conspiring to destroy Libya after they had razed Afghanistan and Iraq. Syed Ahmad Bukhari, Shahi imam of Jama Masjid Delhi, while expressing his solidarity with the democratic forces of Libya, strongly slammed the allied air attacks on Libya, saying: why America and its allies are not imposing No Fly Zone in Israel which has been brutally killing Palestinians for more than half a century. He also criticised UN for its double standards on justice and peace. Arshad Madni, JUH (A) chief, criticised America and allied forces saying that intervention in another country’s internal matters is not acceptable. Imran Qidwai of the Minority Cell of Congress Party expressed the same view. Tanzim Ulamae Haq expressed its concern regarding the current situations in the Arab world in general and in Libya in particular. Mirza Zaki Baig of Tamire Millat Foundation acclaimed India’s stand on Libya criticising American air strikes in Libya. United Muslim of India also criticised these attacks while Shahnawaz Warsi of MSO said that these attacks are a continuation of a well-planned western crusade against the Muslim World. In a statement, All India Muslim Ekta Committee demanded the UNO to stop without delay NATO’s brutal bombardment. Asif Mohammad Khan, MLA from Okhla, in his strong statement said that democracy is only a pretext. In fact America along with its Christian allies wants to conquer and destroy the whole Muslim world.

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