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The Electromagnetic Spectrum in Low Intensity Conflict

Posted by seumasach on April 22, 2011

A 1986 report by Capt Paul Tyler, MC, US Navy is linked below.

It is titled The Electromagnetic Spectrum in Low Intensity Conflict.

It describes some of the health effects of electromagnetic radiation and how these effects can be used as weapons.

At the bottom of page three (250) there is a statement that I find quite shocking –

“Using relatively low-level RFR, it may be possible to sensitize large military groups to extremely dispersed amounts of biological or chemical agents to which the unirradiated population would be immune”.

This statement makes me wonder if this is why many people are developing Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, not from weapons but from cell phones, cordless phones, Wi Fi etc. which use similar wireless radiation as the weapons discussed.

On page six (254) it talks about chaotic behaviour in chicken heart cells when stimulated by electrical signals at specific frequencies and amplitudes, this is similar to what school children exposed to Wi Fi and many other people are experiencing when they report heart irregularities, when exposed to microwave radiation.

On page seven (255) it mentions that altering brain waves can have a major impact on a person’s cognitive and overt behaviour, just as Dr. Aschermann reported in her observations of patients.

The paper can be seen at –

Perhaps US residents can question Congressman Newt Gingrich (forward) as to his involvement in this report.  Was he aware of all the dangers of electro magnetic radiation and still encouraged and allowed it to be widely used throughout the United States?

Martin Weatheral

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