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US gears up for massive anti-war rallies

Posted by seumasach on April 6, 2011

If the anti-war people can get something going and link it up with the Wisconsin movement and stopping further bailouts of Wall Street then we are beginning to see the emergence of a real opposition.


6th April, 2011

The United National Anti-war Committee and the Muslim Peace Coalition, representing national and local Muslim organizations in the US, are the main organizers of the major national anti-war rallies at Union Square in New York on Saturday April 9, and in San Francisco on Sunday April 10, one of the organizers, the International Action Center (IAC), stated on its website.

More than 500 peace, justice, labor, civic, religious, and civil liberties organizations have unanimously endorsed the planned rallies to protest wars, condemn terrorism, fight Islamophobia and support the Islamic awakening surging throughout the Middle East.

Imams from New York are calling Muslims in the state to come out in droves for the rally and express their outrage at the US military’s interventions in Libya and other Middle Eastern countries.

Organizers say they intend to turn a harsh spotlight on the urgency of responding to ongoing US-led military strikes on Libya, and underscore the need to put an end to the costly wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The plight of Gazans in the occupied Palestinian territories and continued harassment of Muslims in the US are widely expected to be brought into a sharper focus during the massive protests.

“Because of the dangerous escalation of attacks on Muslims across the US, solidarity and unity of the antiwar movement with our Muslim sisters and brothers has become a major focus of these 2 major national rallies,” the IAC added.

The group, founded by former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark, is an organization which “opposes US military intervention in all circumstances.”

Meanwhile, in a statement endorsed by 100 Imams of New York, they said, “We, 100 Imams from the Muslim community in New York area, stand together to thank our neighbors who have defended the Muslim community against Islamophobia.”

The protesters are also to voice their anger over new attacks on labor unions and their collective bargaining rights namely in the US state of Wisconsin, and a new rounds of cuts in social programs, particularly hitting the African-American and immigrant communities.

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