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Saudi military forces severely attacked Salamaniya hospital

Posted by seumasach on March 15, 2011


15th March, 2011

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) – According to informed sources in Bahrain, Saudi military forces severely attacked Salamaniya hospital. Hundreds of protesters rushed toward the hospital to protect the injured protesters and medical staff.

They also attacked 3 ambulances while they were taking wounded people to Salmaniya hospital and kidnapped injured protesters who were on it.

Meanwhile Saudi  Army severely attacked Sitrah Health Center and now it is under their control.

The situation in Bahrain is getting out of control for the kingdom.

Sitra health centre is under control of the army after it was attacked with live rounds. salmaniya hospital expecting attacks too.

Second Saudi solider has been killed in Bahrain. His name is Mohsen Obaid Al Wosaidi.

Villages has been brutally attack by forces from Saudi army and thugs. No body is doing anything to stop it.

All eyes are on Japan, but the situation in Bahrain is worsening rapidly.

People poured into the streets wearing theirs Kafan.

Doctors calls for blood donations for blood type o- in SMC.

According to ABNA correspondent in Manama, pro-government Thugs attack Bahraini homes one by one and kill any one who are stay at home.

According to close relatives to Sheikh Isa Qasim, He announced End for Peaceful Protests because of Saudi invasions and killing innocent people. He called all Bahrainis to come out of their homes and defy country.


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