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Subverting the Arab revolution

Posted by seumasach on March 11, 2011

Cailean Bochanan

11th, March, 2011

The Arab revolution poses a mortal threat to the Anglo-American-Zionist world system. This system has been based over several decades on the petrodollar which replaced the gold backed dollar of the Bretton Woods system. It is not that the new democratic Arab nations will withdraw oil from global markets creating a supply crisis. They would have no cause to do that, but, from a strictly commercial point of view, they would not wish to sell their oil for dollars, or pounds, of course. More likely, they would prefer to receive Yuan or Euros. Hence, the reign of the dollar as the global reserve currency would come to an end, its current slow demise giving way to sudden death.

We would not expect the Americans to stand by passively in the face of this danger but what can they do? They face a democratic revolution of an extent and depth greater than anything we have ever seen. As an anti-imperialist  uprising only the Indian revolt of 1856-1866 can match it this respect. That went down drowned in the bloods of millions: the Arab revolution, in contrast has every prospect of success. The so-called mature democracies have for the most part never seen movements such as these. The nearest thing Britain ever had to such a movement was the Chartist Movement which characteristically faded after a one off million man demonstration in 1848 after which we returned to our accustomed servility: only mass mobilisation for war brought democratic representation to “the home of democracy” after the flower of an entire generation had been wiped out.
But, as I say, the western oligarchies will not stand idly by. The spectre of military intervention has been raised by the prospect of a no-fly zone over Libya. Can US or NATO forces suppress the revolution militarily? The answer is clearly no. The reality is that they have been defeated militarily in Iraq and Afghanistan: they have been unable to impose their will and to divide and rule these countries. It is impossible for them to impose themselves militarily on the Arab world. NATO needs only one more misadventure for it to disintegrate completely. The only hope for “the West” is that the autocrats who they have backed for so long can do what Gadaffi is attempting to do and drown the revolution in blood. They can hope to contain the revolution and to isolate it from potential sources of support and solidarity. They can hope to befuddle it with cosmetic changes- the hilarious new Obama doctrine of regime alteration.They can endeavour to demean it and blacken it.
Of course, as we all know the West supports democracy and no hint, no whisper of support for autocracy and  brutal dictatorship must be heard. The western intelligencia although frustrated for so long in their declared revolutionary hopes and aspirations have been surprisingly half-hearted in the face of the great revolt now before them. Having finally won the hand of the long desired daughter of liberty they no longer have a good word for her. The western professors have found that it is all a plot by CIA/zionist forces to create chaos or, incredibly, to replace their stooges, who are no longer matching up, with replacements chosen by the people. This interpretation,  chiming in with  the protestations of the autocrats themselves that they are victims of western machinations, emanating originally from normally credible sources, has now become a torrent of scepticism about Arab democracy flooding the internet.
Everything in the western media is now focused on Libya to the exclusion of the daily  growth of revolutionary struggle all over the Arabian peninsula. The empire seems to have turned on their new found friend Gaddafi, but their actions and words are of great service to him. Since Gaddafi’s main justification is the fight against foreign intervention what could be better than a timely bit of foreign intervention such as that provided by Britain in the  bizarre form of “diplomats” infiltrated into the country by the SAS. Unable to explain this, foreign secretary Hague has nevertheless promised more “diplomats” for Libya. The endless speculation about the no-fly zone seems to be more a propaganda exercise than anything. It will not receive UN backing and the US elite seems unusually divided over the issue. The western elite’s protestations of support for Libyan democracy are as unlikely as the claims of the western radicals that it is all one big National Endowment for Democracy -style orange revolution. Both claims play nicely into the hands of the Arab autocracies.
Could they not also provide a cover for covert support for these autocracies? There have been reports of Israeli support for Gadaffi. These cannot be confirmed but in a fog of conspiracy theories this seems as credible as any. Gaddafi seems to have just had a boost from somewhere and the claims tie in nicely with US insistence on immunity for mercenaries form ICC prosecution. Thierry Meyssan has claimed that French assistance is being given to the Bahrain regime. In any event, as the West stays silence about claims of the use of chemical weapons against demonstrators in Yemen, I just don’t buy into the idea that they are not going to continue supporting regimes which they have supported for years and on which they depend for their own survival.
The idea that the West supports the democratic movement, the claim equally of the Arab autocracies, the western oligarchies and western radicals is the big lie at the heart of this crisis. As well as possibly providing cover for continued backing for dictatorship, in one way or other, it has another absolutely central role in isolating the revolution. The Arab revolution represents a clean break for the Arab people from tutelage to the West and opens the possibility of a turn to other sources of support, security, investment, trade and diplomatic engagement in an increasingly multipolar world. The endless stream of black propaganda directed against the revolution serves to pre-empt this potentially fatal development for the West. If Russia, China, Iran etc. can be convinced that a western hand is behind the uprising they will shy away from engagement with it in fear that such seemingly all-powerful western intelligence operations can be used against themselves.
If the revolution can be isolated within the Arab world maybe it can also be contained. This seems a long shot: the regimes are falling like dominoes. In the dark heart of imperial power there will be hopes that Gadaffi can demonstrate that even a regime without any remaining popular support can suppress the people through violence alone and those brave men and women in the Gulf states can be dissuaded from putting the nail in the coffin of empire simply by affirming their own presence here on earth. Fortunately, those final, faint, forlorn hopes of the dying empire seem destined to be dashed.

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