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‘People take fight to Gaddafi’s door’

Posted by seumasach on March 4, 2011


4th March, 2011

Press TV interviews Mohsen Saleh, a political analyst from Beirut, on the false rumors of a Libyan civil war, and protesters preparing to storm down Gaddafi’s door.

Press TV: What do you expect to see today?

Saleh: The Libyan people are determined to finish Muammar Gaddafi. The fight is marching to Tripoli, and that’s why these Friday prayers [are there] in order to encourage people, to lead them, hand by hand, and shoulder by shoulder in order to march them to Tripoli and finish this dictator’s 42 years in ruling the Libyans. And now these prayers will come to the peak and tell people they should be collecting themselves in order to finish this ruling because Muammar Gaddafi is a cancer, and now they have to cut the disease.

All the leaders, all the types, all the brothers in the west or the east must give some determination to the people in Tripoli and everywhere. Muammar Gaddafi is using force but people will continue their revolution until they accomplish their goals. The Muslims in Libya are aiming to build a new regime not according to …the green book, nor the American or Western philosophies, but to the Islamic doctrines and Islamic teachings.

Press TV: We have reports today that many people are joining the army and taking up arms. Are we going to see a civil war taking place in Libya, and a resistance on the part of Gaddafi?

Saleh: Well that’s what Gaddafi, the Americans, Westerners, and some Asians, are trying to say. That’s why the Americans are deploying their army in the Mediterranean and Gaddafi is saying that we are tribes and are going to go to civil war, and many people will be killed…a bloodbath will occur…all these fake and forged pretexts in order to prolong Gaddafi. But I think the Libyans are very aware of such problems. …Libyans are aware of that and are collecting all types of people from all cities in order to have one goal and that is to have liberation from this dictator. I don’t expect any kind of civil war. The people are together, and that’s why there are mercenaries. That’s why there are people who are coming from abroad to help Gaddafi. Probably some Arabs are trying to help Gaddafi.

But, however, all these people agree and they have the same promise and that is to achieve their collective goal. This collective goal is liberating Libya, uniting Libya, and bringing the wealth of Libya to its people – not in the United States nor in the West nor in any other places.

Press TV: There is talk of US military intervention because the United States has deployed forces to the Libyan coast. Is that likely?

Saleh: Well, I guess the Americans can’t tolerate more defeats, whether in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, and Palestine; if they go into Libya, then Libyans will have enough courage to declare a revolution against the Americans. That would unite the Libyans against the Americans. Gaddafi would have no excuse but to leave the country or to hang himself in the streets of Tripoli, and it will finish his rule and regime. They have counted on Gaddafi to stay in Libya, the Americans, Westerners, and some of the Arabs.

Only the Muslims who have the honor of Islam and of the culture of the Middle East, whether in Turkey, Iran, or Lebanon, as will the Libyans are in the same party. And that’s why the Americans will put themselves in another dilemma. I can’t think they can tolerate a battle against the Libyans. The Libyans are aware of such conspiracies from the Americans and that’s why the opposition parties refuse any intervention from the Americans.

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