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‘Silent revolt underway in Bahrain’

Posted by seumasach on February 15, 2011


15th February, 2011

Bahrain is undergoing a silent revolt by pro-democracy protesters despite a violent crackdown backed by the US and Saudi Arabia, a political analyst says.

“Bahrain has been simmering under a veil of anger and contempt for the ruling Al Khalifa who have stolen the country of Bahrain, its future, its wealth and its freedom,” Ali al-Ahmed, the director of Institute for (Persian) Gulf Affairs (IGA) said in an interview with Press TV.

The IGA official was referring to the kingdom’s royal family headed by King Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa.

Ahmed said Bahrain was “one of the most corrupt oppressive regimes in the Persian Gulf so it is a strong candidate for revolution.”

Bahrain, which has long been the scene of anti-government protests, has been seriously shaken by the shockwaves of the revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia and protests against Western-backed governments in Arab and North African nations.

But unlike the rulers in Egypt and Jordan, Manama has declined reforms to appease protesters and has instead resorted to violence against demonstrators.

“The government of Bahrain is supported by other countries such as the US, which gives aid,” Ahmed said.

“And there is a huge naval base in Bahrain that was given by the ruling family there and this is one of the reasons that the American government has been supporting clearly the monarchy in Bahrain,” he added.

He went on to say that Saudi Arabia also plays a role by supporting the monarchy in Bahrain, fearing similar uprisings by its own population and pro-democracy protesters in other Arab countries.

“The Bahraini government itself is weak. If it was not supported by the US and the Saudi monarchy, it would not take it but a few days to flee,” he concluded.

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