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Mass death of birds

Posted by seumasach on January 17, 2011

Georgiy Ostroumov, Ph.D. (microwaves)
8th January, 2011
There are at least two possible reasons of the mass death of the birds. The first reason is a microwave radar. Microwave radiation from the powerful radar, even at a distance of several tens of meters can significantly heat air.

Why now is it happened? Because in many places the air is now much colder than usual. In this case, the birds are forced to seek a warmer place to stay warm and get food.

Birds fly to heat, but unfortunately, the microwave radiation kills them immediately or within a short period of time.

Another reason is microwave radiation from 4G-networks. Start of using of the 4G-networks coincides with the numerous cases of the mass deaths of the birds. How can this be? Typically, an antenna of the base station (2G, 3G, 4G) radiates power less than 20 Watt. Usually such radiated power can not be the cause of the mass death of the birds, even if they are sitting on the antenna. And many years of using 2G-and 3G-networks confirm this. I suppose that broadband microwave radiation from new 4G-frequency ranges can cause resonance inside the body of the bird. It means that microwave energy increases many times and very quickly inside the body of the bird. The result of the impact of microwave resonance from 4G-radiation is similar to the result of the impact of microwave radiation from radar. The difference is that the radar usually radiates very powerfully. Therefore for the radar, is not necessary in creation of the resonance inside the body of the bird. I would like to be wrong. But the birds have often been found with such internal injuries, which microwave radiation produces.

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