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Chavez, Ahamadinejad say US is headed for ‘the graveyard’

Posted by seumasach on October 21, 2010

20th October, 2010
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez  and his Iranian counterpart declared Wednesday they are united in efforts to establish a “new world order” and warned their enemies would be relegated to the “graveyard.”

The rhetoric wrapped up Chavez’s two-day visit to Iran meant to boost cooperation between the allies in their oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said their countries are “united in efforts to establish a new world order” that will eliminate Western dominance over global affairs.

Chavez said any efforts to stop Iran’s and Venezuela’s progress would fail, and he denounced US “imperialism” saying it is headed for “the graveyard.”

The two presidents spoke on Iranian state TV as officials from both countries signed 11 trade agreements on Wednesday.

2 Responses to “Chavez, Ahamadinejad say US is headed for ‘the graveyard’”

  1. Colin Littlejohn said

    I fear that Chavez is cruising for a bruisin.

  2. inthesenewtimes said

    Is that a threat or a prediction?- I suggest they’re both empty

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